HOLR Magazine: Issue 13
The latest issue of HOLR Magazine boasts a grand total of 196 pages, taking readers on a journey through the tumultuous year of 2020 and offering hope for the future. This issue features a variety of design elements, including textures, typography, and imagery, that help convey new tones and emotions.
In addition to its stunning design, the issue also includes exclusive interviews with a range of high-profile individuals, including Alicia Keys, Ellie Goulding, J Balvin, Deepak Chopra, and more. The features cover a diverse array of topics, from the United Nations' efforts to combat human trafficking to Under Armour's collaboration with Michael Phelps. Other features include profiles on athletes Georgia Ellenwood, Lindsay Vonn, and Natasha Hastings, a spotlight on the charity bidding process, and an exploration of the impact of climate change with Sea Legacy's Cristina Mittermeier. With a wide range of compelling content and stunning design, this issue of HOLR Magazine is not to be missed.
The challenge with designing this editorial was to avoid overtly highlighting the subject matter of cannabis. To achieve this, I introduced a patterned background and incorporated textures and vectors to create a modern, cutting-edge aesthetic. To keep the editorial light and playful, I utilized pastel colors throughout the design. Together, these elements help to create a unique visual identity that appeals to a broad audience while also subtly nodding to the content of the editorial.
The goal of this editorial was to highlight the vibrant fashion scene in Toronto, with a specific focus on iconic destinations such as Casa Loma, Toronto Botanical Gardens, Spadina Museum, and the Royal Ontario Museum. To achieve this, I designed a clean and minimalist layout that allows the photography to take center stage. The understated design ensures that the images are the star of the show, while also providing just enough structure to create a cohesive visual narrative. By letting the stunning photography speak for itself, this editorial captures the essence of Toronto's fashion scene and the beauty of its most beloved landmarks.
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