Mask Up
A company creating masks paired with designer Raif Adelberg, to design a mask. Raif is known for designing collections with notable brands, such as wings+horns and Herschel Supply Co. Raif wanted to create a mask that would visually and physically show the need for masks and we were tasked to create a campaign to promote the importance of it.
The goal of this project was to inspire individuals to wear a mask during the Covid-19 outbreak. Masks don't seem to be going anywhere soon. Society has a collective responsibility to wear a mask, to protect ourselves and each other. The idea of this campaign was to promote the message of #showlovemaskup, the importance of wearing a mask to save lives.
The issue during the creation of this campaign evolved around the current pandemic. We were in complete lockdown which prevented us from shooting our own imagery with models wearing masks. We needed to figure out how to promote the message without having models wearing masks.
The solution was to create a series of posters as a public service announcement to creatively inspire individuals to wear a mask. Each poster focused on the words "Hope", "Strength", and "Future" alongside typography and imagery sourced online. The compositions used mixed media to evoke feelings and encourage the overall theme of #showlovemaskup.
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